Come and enjoy Ellen and Andrew's stunning wedding at Black Barn Bistro in Havelock North. But first let's hear a little about how these two got together.

How they met

Ellen and Andrew met one morning at Ellen's parent's house. Ellen was still in her ugly, fluffy dressing gown with her hair in a messy bun.

Andrew had arrived to go fishing for the morning with Ellen’s older brother Jackson. Jackson made them a coffee before they set off for the day. The only spare keep cup in the house was one Ellen used every day for school. Ellen and Andrew exchanged hellos and went about their days.

Jackson was hosting a party later that evening. Andrew spotted Ellen and was shocked at the transformation from the ugly, fluffy dressing gown to the done-up girl who stood before him. They chatted through the night and didn’t leave each other’s side.

Months went by, living their busy lives without seeing each other. Until one day, Ellen sent a cheeky message asking for her keep cup back which ignited the chat once more.

Andrew later made the journey over the Whangaehu Hill where Ellen was living for the summer. He used the excuse of wanting to go fishing but Ellen knew he was there to see her. From that day on Ellen and Andrew have been inseparable.

One day Andrew and Ellen were walking along the reef at Whangaehu beach with their dogs in tow. Andrew made a comment about how it was exactly one year since he had come over that hill. As Ellen turned around, she found Andrew down on one knee, ring in hand with the four little words already escaping his mouth “Will you marry me?”.

The Wedding

They decided to get married at Black Barn Bistro and get ready at Rush Cottage on-site. A stunning vintage cottage and right on style for ready ready. The ceremony was heard outside under the vines with the reception in the bistro behind.

We later headed up to Te Mata Peak for photos with epic views of Hawkes Bay before heading back to their reception.





DJ Ben Wright




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